Hello,this post is about plushies!.Do you know what a plushie is?,its a small stuff toy or key chains made from felt,sewed with thread,and stuffed with cotton balls.Here’s what I used.

Sorry,I don’t know how to turn the picture.I just cant disturb my mother because she busy with her work.Hope you understand.^_^
And here’s my plushies ^_^.

Aren’t they cute.Eeeeee

I have 6 food plushies 2 cookies,2 yogurt,1 doughnut and 1 sushi.

I also have 3 animal plushies,1 cat,1 duck and 1 pony.

And I have 2 toy plushies.1 scrump doll it is a doll in lilo and stitch and 1 jigsaw puzzle.

Bye thank’s for reading.^_^