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My Hobby

I have a lot of hobbies there are painting,drawing,making plushies,listening to music and blogging. PAINTING-My grandfather taught to paint simple thing one by one and I tried to paint some and it came out great. DRAWING-My grandfather ...
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Mrs. Piggy

My mother planned to buy a piggy bank and put all 10 pesos inside it.And it's almost full now but still saving until its finally full.It's a PINK colored piggy. I wonder what will mother ...
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I loved playing QBz because they make funny sounds,you click them in pairs 2 or more.My father like's playing it too. Here are a few things you need to know about QBz: They like to ...
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Hello,recently I have been doing some stuff cause i'm bored.What I did is I painted some stuff,my grandfather taught me to paint cause he's a professional painter.I only used illustration board.Here's what i painted.^_^ I painted ...
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Plushies -^_^-

Hello,this post is about plushies!.Do you know what a plushie is?,its a small stuff toy or key chains made from felt,sewed with thread,and stuffed with cotton balls.Here's what I used. Sorry,I don't know how to turn ...
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