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Jewelry Kit

I have a jewelry kit, it has some jewelry inside.It's colored black with flower designs.Here's what it looks like. This is what it looks like inside. It's a small post about my jewelry kit/box. :)
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My mother collected key chains since she received a lot of them as token, gifts, etc. She has a lot of keychain from different countries. Here are some of her key chains. Some of her key ...
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The Ring

We went to my grandma's church.My Auntie Oddesa's friend gave free ring's to her friends and also to my auntie. My Auntie got 5 rings maybe @_@, she gave one to me and gave another ...
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Pink Slipper Wallet

This Pink Slipper Wallet was given to me by Tita Kat in Manila.I attached my old gold medal and placed money inside it.It has two colors 'Pink & Green'.I liked it very much because its ...
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