Prom usually happens on February but for our school, they decided to move it to March 1 which is kind of late. The reason why they moved it was because February was packed with events here on our school. Anyway, I think it was cool because this gives us students and our mommies’ time to save money and look for a dress which exactly happened to me and my mom.

After looking everywhere for dresses with my friends, we stumbled upon a store which has a display of a ball gowns which totally caught my eyes and decided to try it on. I thought the dress suits me.

My friends also found their favored prom dresses and we all paid for the rent.


Prom night was so awesome, technically, because it was my first time. It was held at Grand Caprice, near Limketkai Mall. Since this only happens twice of my lifetime, I grabbed this opportunity to make a lot of memories. I took a lot of pictures with my friends and teachers. I also danced with my crush. (Nyahahaha!) and enjoyed the party. The food was okay, they served ice cream and they all gave us souvenirs!  <3

prom souvenir

Our school executed it perfectly or should I say, they nailed it! 😀