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                        Contact us

                        Add of head office: Dongdai Wharf, Zhang’An Street, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
                        Sales Tel: +86-576-88786686/89020081
                        Purchase Dept.: +86-576-88786567/88781912
                        Personnel Dept.: +86-576-88786543
                        Fax: +86-576-88786538

                        Innovative ideas

                        Innovation is to lead the development of the first driving force, innovation is the soul of enterprise progress, is the source of rapid development. Jiangbei pharmaceutical innovation must be placed in the strategic development of the core position of the system to create a chain of innovation to promote cross-border collaborative innovation. Improve the enterprise as the mainstay, market-oriented, the combination of political and industrial manufacturing innovation system, a number of breakthroughs in key technologies to promote the company's digital, networked, intelligent, high-quality innovation and development.
                        Technological innovation, to take the talent to lead the development path. Adhere to the talent as the basis for building a strong manufacturing enterprises, establish and improve the scientific and rational selection, employment, education mechanism to accelerate the cultivation of professional and technical personnel, management personnel, integration of cross-disciplines, the implementation of cross-border innovation. To achieve the value system to motivate staff to win personalized customer service, partnership to promote development and create an atmosphere of innovation, the construction of a good quality and reasonable structure of the innovative personnel, and comprehensively enhance the enterprise content, "Jiangbei manufacturing" to the world.